The Stura valley, nestled between the rocky peaks that separate the Maritime Alps from the Cozie, extends for over 60 km – from 636 m Borgo San Dalmazzo to 1996 m of Colle della Maddalena – on an area that includes 14 municipalities. 
The wide valley borders to the west and south with the French valleys of Ubayette and Tinée, to the north with the valleys Maira and Grana, while it divides a stretch of displuvial with the Valle Gesso. 
The streams of the numerous side valleys flow their waters into the Stura river that runs through the valley in all its length.

The Stura Valley for its climate and its geographical position, can boast an exceptional variety of floristic species including rare and precious endemisms such as Sassifraga and Fritillaria. A rich and varied fauna corresponds to an abundant variety of vegetation.

The valley, naturally beautiful, offers the tourist an environment rich in history, tradition and culture; countless itineraries to discover a still anthropized territory where you can discover the traditional activities perpetuated in a respectful balance between tradition and modernity.

An ideal place for lovers of all sporting activities, Valle Stura is a popular destination for both summer and winter. Without forgetting that even the half seasons, can give unexpected landscapes and scenarios of rare beauty.