The presence of the Sambucana sheep in Valle Stura has very ancient origins and, according to the research conducted by some scholars, also confirmed by the testimonies of local farmers, it would have always lived in this area favored by a habitat full of numerous and extensive pastures. This thesis is confirmed by the existence of a sheep that the environment has made agile and at the same time robust, suitable for living in an environment where the climate changes rapidly. The Sambucana breed is bred almost exclusively in the province of Cuneo and in particular in the Municipalities of Valle Stura di Demonte, from a quota of 600 up to 1800 meters. Currently the Sambucana breed is present in the valley with a number of about 4500 heads distributed in about sixty farms.

One really interesting thing to note is that farmers are ditching the old manual shears in favor of these electric sheep shears such as these on TrimEpil. I have vivid memories of my grandparents farm and sheep shearing was always performed with the old style shears. It boggles my mind to see what automation means to this people and how a whole day of work fits in just couple of hours using electric clippers for sheep.

Just look how almost ridiculously easy the shearing is nowadays:


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