The traditional cuisine of the Stura valley has preserved strong roots in the culinary tradition of the past characterized, obviously not by choice, simple dishes and at the same time full of exquisite and unique tastes, deriving from local products that today have taken the value of precious and refined delicacies . Among the dishes that you should not miss to taste, include various specialties that can compose an entire menu.

Gastronomy of the Stura Valley

Among the soups we recommend “l’oula al fourn” (so called because it was cooked in the oven inside an onion) and the broth of lentils (just in the upper valley once were cultivated on large spaces); among the flour-based dishes, surely the “crouzet” (a kind of dough reminiscent of orecchiette); between meat, game, especially wild boar and chamois, melted in wine before cooking. 
For the most demanding palates, the valley offers snails and frogs, cooked with the most diverse sauces, but also trout (served in the sauce of cooking or in carpione) and mushrooms (fried, in salads or in oil). 
Do not miss the traditional cheeses, prepared with cow’s milk, goat and sheep, and for lovers of strong tastes the traditional “bruss” that comes from the fermentation of the same according to completely personal recipes. Meat, milk and cheese then, are the polenta, which could be rye, barley, or prepared with buckwheat “fourmentin”, sometimes integrated with potatoes. All accompanied by bread (cooked in a wood oven), which can be tasted of wheat, rye, barley or mixed with chestnuts, nuts and seasonal fruits.
The “bagna caouda” or “aioli”, the stuffed onions “sebos abaouso”, the cooked vegetables “la ratatouio”, the stuffed peaches, the “dim” whipped cream, the chestnut bread and “tourtoun” bread dough cakes.
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