Alpine skiing

When it comes to downhill skiing in the Stura valley, you immediately think of the slopes of the Argentera ski resort. The only ski center for the descent, offers enthusiasts, slopes always well snowed and jokes on which to abandon themselves to fantastic descents immersed in an alpine environment of wild beauty and boundless silences.

Horse riding

The Stura valley lends itself well to the practice of horse riding in its most varied events.The huge network of dirt roads and easy paths allow you to better enjoy this valley by optimally exploiting the horse. Nothing more restful than quiet and silent walks in the woods on the back of the faithful friend, or for wild valleys in search of new corners and wide views.


The middle course of the Stura river, in the stretch between Moiola and Roccasparvera, both for its abundance and for the multiplicity of its appearance, is certainly of great interest for canoe enthusiasts. Among the meanders of the Stura (the “Olle” of Gaiola) are drawn slalomistic and cross-country trails that are annually proposed for championships at every competitive level. To all water lovers, the canoeing centers of the Stura Valley offer countless possibilities for fun: accompanied by qualified instructors you can try out rafting, tubing, hot-dog, kayak-raft and canoe kayaking.

Trekking and Running

The numerous side valleys that cross the valley in all its length offer a wide range of trail runs, walks, excursions, crossings and more demanding climbs. From the itineraries of the lower valley that, although requiring little time, however, offer walks in close contact with a nature full of beauty, the high mountain excursions that allow you to immerse yourself in the boundless spaces of the valleys and peaks, the Stura valley will not regret having chosen it for your holidays in freedom.

We propose that you come prepared with the required trekking/walking or running gear you will need. Usually you can get footwear for specific foot conditions such as running shoes for bunions online (check out Comfort hacks for example) before you come. Although Valley Stura has many shopping options, we are not a big region and cannot offer very specific brands or models.

Mountain bike

It is impossible to describe the mountain biking suggestions of the valley as much variety and diversification of the aspects it offers. You can safely say that there is no confluent valley that does not offer hiking opportunities, starting from the quiet walks between the chestnut trees of the valley bottom up to the most daring landscapes of the peaks. A simple glance at a topographic map is enough to identify, in every hidden receptacle of this wonderful world, a route to be taken, a goal to be achieved. Accessible to everyone and anyone.
We propose, three itineraries of the valley extracted from the guide “Wheels, hooves and boots” published by the Mountain Community.


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